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With all the different subject matters for photographers out there, including the wide variety available in the field of people photography alone, it begs the question as to why I would chose to focus on nudes & erotic art. There is a short answer & a long answer to this question.

First the short, & simple, answer...

Why Not?

For those of you interested in the longer, more detailed, answer. Or for those of you who get annoyed when people answer a question with another question. Read on...

I have already talked, in the about me, page about how I have been a long time fan or Pinup & Erotic Art. How the love of this subject along with my love of photographer inspired me to create similar works of my own. The answer to the question of "Why Nudes?" goes far beyond this, however.

I have always felt that the human body is one of the most beautiful & glorious of all of God's creations. It is something we should be proud of!

Saddly we live in a world, & country, that is highly erotiphobic (erotiphobia: a fear of the erotic). While the nude has been somewhat grudgingly accepted in classical artwork it is still considered taboo in more modern works. This is especially true in the field of photography. Any photographer who dares to show as much as a nipple in his work runs the risk of their work being declared pornography & hidden away on the back shelf were "innocent" eyes won't accidently stumble across it.

We are taught that the nude body is something we should be ashamed of. That anyone who creates work, again especially photos, featuring the nude figure is something of a deviant. Those, such as myself & others, who create such works are often looked down upon. We are called GWCs (Guys w With cameras), perverts, & much worse. It is thought that instead of creating art we are merely doing what we are doing for the sake of getting our rocks off. That we are not true artists at all.

This stigmata deepens if/when we actually try to make a living from our work & actually sale some of the images we have created. We become, not artist, but rather pornographers. We are looked upon as exploiting the models we work with. Using them merely to line our own pockets. That we care nothing about them, their feelings, or their reputations.

I can assure you that in my case this is FAR from the truth. As I stated above I feel that the human body is beautiful. Rather than something we hide away it should be something we should celebrate! After all we are created in God's own image. I have to think that the devil takes great pleasure in having God's greatest creation , one created in the very image of God, looked upon as obscene. I personally feel you don't need to be explicit in order to be erotic. That what is not shown, or barely seen can be, & often times is, more exciting than what actually is. This is what I try to capture with my work. It is also my hope that through my work I can help others see the beauty that I see. To help further along the acceptance of such images for what they truly are: Works of Art!

One final note. For the curious out there among you. I do shoot other subjects that are not nudes or erotica. These can be found on my other site: PhotoMageia. Check the links page for the address & be sure to visit it as well. Thanks!