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If you are a model looking to add some high quality images to your profile then you have come to the right place. I am always on the lookout for potential new models. By working together I not only help you expand your portfolio I expand my own as well. Working together we can create a series of photos that we both are proud of.

I do, however, work a little differently than other possible photographers with whom you may have worked with in the past. I not only work with you on the technical details (time, location, etc.) of the shoot, but allow you to give input into the creative ones (theme, style, etc.) as well. Are a few reason I do this:

  1. I feel that when a model is involved with the creative aspects they are more likely to enjoy themselves during the shoot & are less likely to view the shoot as "Just another job".
  2. This leads to the shoot running much smoother & more efficiently. Not to mention makes it a lot more fun!
  3. The end result of both of these two previous items is a much better product which leads to greater success for both myself & the model.
  4. Finally... I have found that the model often may have ideas that are just as good, & sometimes even better, than my own.

I actually enjoy working closely with my modes on the planning their shoot. I find it much more enjoyable that to simply tell them s "show up at such & such a place, at such & such a time, wearing such & such an outfit". To help me with this planning I've actually created a couple of documents.

The first of these is a list of 12 "Image Categories" along with their descriptions. They range from "Non-Nude" to "Hardcore 3". This document helps insure that both myself & the model are on the same page when it comes to the types of photos to be taken during the shoot. One of the first things I have any of my models do is go thru this list & chose the categories they feel comfortable with. Once these are selected we will ONLY shoot photos from those categories.

The second document is a short model survey. This survey serves two purposes. First it helps me to get to know the model a little bit better before we shoot. Second, & most importantly, it allows me to collect the information about the model (name, contact info, DOB, etc.) that I need & am required (in some cases by law)to keep for my records.

In addition to these two documents I do have a couple others I use on a "need to" basis. These include such items as a bondage questionnaire (for when/if I do a bondage shoot) & other similar documents.

Another way I may be different is in regards to my belief in Model Rights. I feel models often get the short end of the bargain when they pose for photographers. Often times they sign a release that basically allows the photographer to do whatever they want with the photos created. In some cases it even gives the photographer the rights to resale those images to another company or site along with changing information associated with them. I even read one release that gave the photographer the rights to change the model's personal info including their age, & even their name! I will never change any info from what was given to me on the Model Survey unless I am personally contacted by that model requesting such a change. Nor will I ever resale the photos to an outside company/site without first obtaining permission. In fact any & all use of the images is discussed & agreed upon in advance of us shooting & will be written into the release that you sign.

There is one final way that I may differ from previous photographers you have worked with. That is in the matter of copyrights & royalties. I am a firm believer that the models who pose for me work just as hard as I do. Therefore they are entitled to the same credit. As such I offer, should the model be interested, co-copyrights to any images we shoot. Along with the images themselves I also offer the model the, again if they so chose, royalties on any images I sale that feature them. This is typically 25%, though may vary depending on the final product (book vs. print, etc.).

If you are still reading this, & haven't fallen asleep, I have to assume that you are most definitely interested in working with me. I know there is a lot of info here, but it's info I felt was important. If, however, you still have any questions you are more than welcome to email or call me (see "About Me" page for contact info) & I'll get back to you with the answer ASAP. If you don't have any questions then click on the links below to view the documents I mentioned earlier. Take a few minutes to read thru them, then EMAIL me so we can begin setting up our shoot. I look forward to hearing from, & working with, you soon!